Caed tries A to Z

I must begin by saying that I did not anticipate starting Caedmon on solids this soon. My goal was to wait until 6 months or when he was sitting completely unassisted, whichever came first. However, over the weekend Caedmon came down with a terrible case of hiccups. Gripe water is on hand for just such occasions and it is administered with a dropper. Well, we usually have to place the dropper into the pocket of his check to prevent the liquid from spilling down his chin. On this occasion, however, when I moved the dropper towards his mouth he opened wide and took it gladly. He did this with each mL that I offered, the hiccups were gone after four. This, I thought, must mean he’s ready. I grabbed his spoon from the cupboard, hidden behind his bottles, and a jar of homemade applesauce containing just apples. As I moved the spoon towards his mouth he did exactly as he had done with the dropper, opened big and wide and accepted the tiny spoonful gladly. I offered a few more bites, but sadly we had to begin bed time. An adventure for another day…

The meal began with much anticipation. Caedmon could’t wait to get his hands on the spoon and immediately shove it into his mouth. He took the first few bites with fervor.

He moved the AtoZ around in his mouth and accepted the following offered bites.

Once the flavors began to come through, I don’t think he was as impressed. It wasn’t, after all, applesauce.

These first few meals will be trial and error. The AtoZ has been stored and frozen to try another day. Maybe we should try some sweeter vegetables next, fruit will stay off the table… for now.


What vegetables do you think will make delicious baby food combinations?


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