Sweet Carrot Pie Success

Sweet carrot pie was a smashing success. He began his meal with a full belly from nursing so he was a little disinterested at first. I held the spoon near him until he seemed to want to try it.

Once he realized what was happening, he was locked on. “I’m ready mom. Let’s do this.”

He only got frustrated when I couldn’t refill the spoon and return it to his mouth fast enough! “Hurry mom!”

Eventually, he tried to eat anything the sweet carrot pie had come into contact with. This included my fingers. He cleaned every single one. Twice. “Om nom nom nom!”

Look at that grip! Caed would also try to grab the spoon to make sure he had removed every bit of food from it. A few times I just let him have it. He was content just cleaning the spoon of it’s pie goodness and handed it back when he wanted more. I guess he liked it, he really liked it!

What do you think of the Boon Flair compared to the Stokke Tripp Trapp?


2 thoughts on “Sweet Carrot Pie Success

  1. Boy, high chairs have come a long way since my kids were babies! If I were buying, of those two choices, I’d get the Tripp Trapp. I like that it is made of wood and brings the baby to the table.

    P.S. I love the photo of Caed nomming on your fingers! Precious.

    • Agreed, I think that’s our final decision. It doesn’t create a “baby island” as I read in one of the descriptions. It will be great having him join us at the table to eat as a family. Also, I love that it will accommodate his growth. Thanks again!!

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