Family Friday

*Sigh* I love spending time with my husband and son, this weekend has been no exception. Evan has Fridays off and so does Caed. Thus, it is officially our Family Friday. Well, this Friday also happened to be my birthday. Evan and Caed wanted to make sure it was really special so they took me out to dinner at Mooo….. It is an awesome restaurant and I highly recommend it for both food and ambience. If you are ever craving a delicious steak with some bone marrow butter, head to Mooo….. Their meals, mostly cuts of beef, and sides are all very Paleo friendly. However, I had to order the one menu item that included my favorite morsel of all time. This happened to be a Tenderloin of Beef Wellington with foie grasspinach, and duxelles.

It was aaahhhmaaaayzing! I peeled off the pastry shell and threw it aside, then immediately devoured the foie gras. Afterwards, I enjoyed the rest of my dinner, of course saving half for leftovers to enjoy for lunch today. We finally ended the night with a couple double espressos.

There was also a lemon meringue pie involved. It wished me a happy birthday, it also asked to be devoured. I avoided the pastry shell. It was not as sweet as I had expected. Nice and tart. Delicious.

Caed’s bed time is between 6:00 and 7:00, and he did sleep through most of our early dinner. However, he woke up for a few minutes and it was such a pleasure to be able to share some of the night with him. It was, in fact, my first birthday as a Mommy.

It was a wonderful evening filled with love, good food, and making happy memories. I’m already looking forward to see what Caed will draw in my card next year!

Lot’s of fun meals planned for next week… for babies AND viewers like you!


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