Caedmon’s Lunch

Unfortunately, during my hiatus from the blogosphere, I missed the opportunity to chronicle Caed’s meals as a paleo baby. Thankfully, I get another chance with Emmy! From this day forth, I will try to post a few of his lunches from the week. I will warn you that a lot of his lunches come from our dinner leftovers, so I will make sure that those meals are linked to the recipe. Here are a few meals from last week.

Caedmon’s Lunches
20130518-204535.jpgAbove is pictured grilled steak fajita leftovers with raw cheddar, scallions, and salsa. A side of carrots and brussels sprouts roasted in duck fat, and chopped apple and pineapple for dessert.


On Tuesday Caedmon ate country ribs smothered in homemade BBQ sauce, chipotle cauliflower rice with cherry tomatoes, and spinach sautéed in duck fat. Walnuts and raisins for dessert.

Unfortunately, I did not snap a photo of the next two meals. I will have to remember to from now on!

Applegate hot dog, homemade ketchup, garlic kale chips, organic cheese stick, and raisins for dessert.

Roast beef and raw cheddar roll-ups, green grapes, with homemade walnut butter (recipe coming soon) balls.


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