Back to Baby Food!

For a few weeks now Emmy has been eating “solids.” Her first meal was pureed yams. Although she seemed to enjoy them, she much preferred her thumb instead. Since then, we have been “practicing” a few times a week. Yesterday, Emmy’s Tripp Trapp arrived and I got to work in the kitchen. When I was making purees for Caed I used this and I loved it, clean up was a breeze. However, I have since acquired a Vitamix and chose to use it for the following recipes:

Homemade paleo baby food: beet & Banana

Beet & Banana

I absolutely love the color of this puree. It’s even more vivid in person! We received 2 bunches of beets in our veggie CSA this week and I couldn’t wait to share them with Emmy. To make the puree above, I added 2 small beets and 1 banana to the Vitamix. Start on 1 and gradually increase until well mixed. She seemed to like the taste, but was still hungry.

Homemade paleo baby food: Carrot & Cardamom

Carrot & Cardamom

Next, I offered her some pureed carrots. To make the puree above I added a bunch of peeled carrots, 1 Tbsp of butter,  and 1 tsp of cardamom to the Vitamix. Start on 1 and gradually increase until well mixed. You may need to add a little liquid (breast milk, coconut milk, chicken broth, or water) to keep the blades going. Emmy went nuts for this, she was a happy baby, but she was still hungry.

Homemade paleo baby food: kale & pear

Kale & Pear

Finally I offered some delicious greens. We also had two bunches of kale in our veggie CSA. I will certainly be making Caed’s favorite kale chips, but I wanted Emmy to try some too. I added 1 pear (cored and sliced) and 1 handful of kale to the Vitamix and blended. The pear was watery enough that the mixture blended pretty easily while moving from 1 to 10. Emmy enjoyed these too, cleaning her bowl. She was happy, she was full, and I was delighted!


I love watching her face when she tries a new food for the first time! 

What are your baby’s favorite foods so far? Emmy enjoys orange vegetables at the moment. What about least favorite? Emmy seems to dislike kiwi and turkey.


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