Caedmon was very comfortable in his uterine home, he was born a week past his due date of 10-31, which also happens to be Daddy’s birthday. Maybe he just wanted his own day? Hmm. Unfortunately, I was expecting him before then! Being so huge, I heard daily (from strangers, mind you) that he would be born early…  and I wanted to believe them. It’s true what they say, towards the end of pregnancy you just want the baby OUT! You can’t sleep, you can’t walk without waddling, for goodness sake you can’t even tie your own shoes! I was ready, even if Caed wasn’t. It took being induced, twice, to get him out… but we did it.

Having been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, my doctor didn’t want me to go too far past my due date to keep baby and me safe. So, on November 4th I was scheduled to be induced. That evening they began the procedure and it did not progress as expected. Caed was staying put, for now. I was given the option to keep trying, or head home for the weekend and see if things progressed naturally. So, my husband and I left the hospital…

We drove around for quite a while, just trying to “shake things up.” Nothing. We went for a walk. Nothing. We drove around some more. During a storm. Well, a hurricane actually, a stage 3 hurricane. Nothing. We headed for home. I tried to sleep but to no avail. Finally, on Monday morning we called the hospital to see if they had a bed available. Apparently lots of ladies were having babies on Monday. It took until 7:00 PM for an opening. We packed the car again hoping this time we’d come home with a baby.

Upon arrival they began by checking my cervix, it had begun it’s effacement but still no dilation. They inserted Cervidil to help with the process. Once the dilation had begun they brought out the big guns: Pitocin. The contractions came almost immediately after being hooked up to the IV. Not an hour had gone by when my water broke. It was 11:12 PM. For the next 8 hours my contractions worsened. The pressure on my tailbone was too intense to handle. I finally caved and asked for an epidural. Unfortunately, it didn’t help for the pressure and pain at the base of my spine. Oh well. Lesson learned. When the nurses said it was time to push the pain no longer mattered, I had a job to do. For two v e r y  l o n g  hours I pushed, and moaned, and grunted, and asked several times “how much longer?”. After what seemed like an eternity I heard his little cries and got to hold him in my arms. All the pain was forgotten, he was here and he was so worth it.

Caedmon Thomas was born at 11:19 AM on November 7, 2011, weighing 9 lb 6 oz and measuring 23.5 inches long.

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